Bobbi Boho Cozy

Pattern #2 in the books! WOO HOO! The Bobbi Boho Cozy is my second pattern and was inspired by the Bobbi Boho Backpack. The idea to make a cozy came from my love of coffee. I have a bit of an obsession with Starbucks. Grande Iced White Mocha with an extra shot, no whip. I literally go there so much I have made friends with most of the baristas and a couple of regulars.

As much as I love my coffee I hate when my cup starts “sweating”. Water gets all over my hands, in my cup holder in my car, leaves a water ring on my desk at work, its the worst. So how do I stop that? Crochet of course. You literally can make almost anything out of yarn.

I just finished my first pattern not too long ago (Bobbi Boho Backpack). So I thought I would use that as inspiration for my cozy. I knew I would want to make more than just the one size so I figured the most popular items someone would use a cozy for would be a bottle (like a beer bottle), a soda or beer can, a 16oz cup (grande Starbucks cup) and a 24oz cup (venti Starbucks cup). So that’s where I started.

After posting pictures of my cozies I had someone reach out to me and ask if I could make them a cozy for a Large Panera cup. She drinks her coffee from Panera every morning and was having the same problem that I was having with her cup “sweating”. So it was back to the drawing board.

Im happy to say that I now have a pattern listed for my Bobbi Boho Cozies in my Etsy shop and it comes in four different sizes. If you aren’t a maker you can also purchase your own Bobbi Boho Cozy from my Etsy Shop.

Bobbi Boho Cozy Pattern

Bobbi Boho Cozy